Wednesday 16 August 2017

Cobham. Billy - Palindrome (2010)

The 31st album from this US drummer and artist.

Billy Cobham plays the drums here and he has help from violins, guitars, woodwinds, keyboards, percussions and bass.

It is my understanding that this album is re-recorded and re-arranged songs from his earlier albums. In short, this is not really a new album from him. I also gather that most of the songs originally did not include woodwinds. On this album, this "error" has been rectified. They now got woodwinds.

Some of the songs was from his funk era and some songs from his more jazzy era. So they have been re-recorded and re-arranged.....

The music here is very laid back with lots of woodwinds and the sporadic guitar, keyboard and violin inbetween. The drums is also very laid back and ditto for the bass.

We get seventy-five minutes with this laid back jazz. Jazz which almost crosses over to muzak at times.

Billy Cobham has released a lot of great albums. Both on his own and together in bands and as a studio musician. Palindrome is one album we should rather forget. It is not his usual standard.

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