Sunday 20 August 2017

Jane - Fire, Water, Earth & Air (1976)

The fifth album from this German band.

Jane was a quartet with a lineup of bass, organ, piano, moog, guitars, drums, synths and English vocals.

The first four albums has seen the band gradually change from a German sound to a much more American hard rock and arena rock sound. Which is fit and proper if trying to crack the English and the American market.

I am not sure of they had any success with going west.

Fire, Water, Earth & Air sees the band on a return flight back to Germany again. Back comes some pretty noted Eloy influences. This while they still keep a lot of the US sound incorporated in their music. So much that the band really should have named this album Landing In The Atlantic Ocean. Because that's where you will find the sound and the music on this album.

There is some very fine organs and guitar sound here. The vocals is also good. The music is mid-heavy.

The end result is a pretty good album. It is just over half an hour long and has a lot going for it. Check it out.

3 points

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