Friday 25 August 2017

Dice - Twentaurus (2014)

Thr 16th album from this German band.

Dice was a quintet on this album with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, harmonica and English vocals.

Dice started out in 1979 with their debut album Christian before they returned in 1997 with their second album Nightmare. The band then continued to release new album on an almost annual basis.
I reviewed their 13th album Newborn (2011) one week ago and liked this good album.

The band once was a space rock band and they have been wandering through some strange, different landscapes since the debut album. I do not know much about them, I am afraid.

Twentaurus sees a departure from the sound on the Newborn album. The sound may have changed on the two albums between these two albums for all I know. But gone is the woodwinds and they have been replaced by a pretty spartan, down to the basics soundscape.

There is not much excitements to report from this album. A nice harmonica adds some colours to a pretty dreary rock album. The music is at times slightly bluesy and also has a slight psychedelic edge. But most of the music is well trodden soft rock. The one that bores the life out of me.

There is some quality here and this is not a turkey. It is indeed a decent album from a band who feels a bit tired and has run out of steam and sense of adventure on this album. The band is so much better than this album.

2 points  

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