Tuesday 22 August 2017

Cobham. Billy - Tales From The Skeleton Coast (2014)

The 34th album from this US drummer and artist.

Billy Cobham on drums had help from 18 other musicians on this album. They provided woodwinds, bass, guitars, synths, piano, keyboards, Latin percussions, cello, violin, steel drums and viola.

This living legend has contributed on numerous other albums than his solo albums. Miles Davis, Mahavishnu Orchestra and numerous other bands. A true living legends and I bow my head in admiration for him. We have all been blessed by his contributions to music.

On paper and after almost 50 years in this business, Tales From The Skeleton Coast should be a pretty dire, uninteresting cash-in. Well, yes and no.

The steel drums and the Latin percussions is this album's trademarks. The one that defines this album. That and the Latin-American funky jazz this album is offering up. The drums are as per usual great and they works very well with the rest of the contributions here.

After putting my cynicism to bed, I find myself actually liking this album. There is a heck of a lot of engaging Latin rhythms here. And it is not of the cheap and nasty cruiseship to Bahamas type of type of Latin rhythms too. This is a pretty complex album which surprises me on many different levels.

I get the feeling Billy Cobham has delivered some music he believe in here. It feels like it from my side of the speakers.

And this is actually a good album. It is an album well worthy your attention. Check it out.

3 points

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