Tuesday 8 August 2017

Mandalaband - AD Sangreal (2011)

The fourth and final album from this British project/band.

Mandalaband is and has alwayd been David Rohl's project. He is also a world famous Egyptianologist and an ex studio technician and producer. He produced and engineered this album besides of writing everything.
He had help from the likes of Wooly Wolstenholme who passed away shortly afterwards. This album is dedicated to him. He was also involved in all previous Mandalaband albums too.
These two stalwarts had help from keyboards, guitars, bass, drums, flutes, whistles, violas, violin and vocals. Both male and female vocals.

I have reviewed their previous three albums and you can find review of them somewhere else in this blog plus a review of their first album here

There was far fewer musicians involved this time than on any other Mandalaband albums. The music feels a lot more compact too.

But do not despair, those of you who loved their previous albums. This is very much a Mandalaband album. Not much has changed in their music and sound.

You get soaring flutes and melodies. Soaring vocals and guitars. There is some Irish folk music sounding symphonic prog here as there was on the previous three albums too. Troy Donockley's uillean pipes adds a lot to this album. This is as per usual.

The music sounds pretty fresh and contemporary. This eighty minutes long album is a big mouthful and not everything here is good and great. There is no great music here. But this is still a cosy and good modern symphonic prog album. Hence my verdict and three points awarded.

3 points

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