Monday 21 August 2017

Ponty. Jean Luc - Imaginary Voyage (1976)

The eight album from this French artist.

Jean Luc Ponty on violin and synths had help from guitars, keyboards, bass, organs, drums and percussions here.

Jean Luc Ponty came to my attention on the two best Mahavishnu Orchestra albums. I have reviewed two previous albums of him and rated the Aurora album to be a very good album. More reviews will follow/you can read more reviews of his albums somewhere else in this blog.

Jean Luc Ponty uses both electric and acoustic violins on this album. I still find violins a bit of a novelty in fusion and jazz. But it is a very, very effective and great instrument in these two genres and in most other genres too. His violins blew me away on the two Mahavishnu Orchestra albums.

And they also made me a happy man on the Aurora album. So I was looking forward to this forty minutes long album.

... An album which falls a bit short of my expectations. Perhaps unreasonable high expectations. But I find this album great on instruments, but pretty ordinary on the quality of melodies. This album feels at times a bit too wishy-washy. There is no real raw energy here.

The end result is a good album which I will probably listen to again..... many times. But it is nothing more than that. I am still a believer, though. 

3 points


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