Wednesday 9 August 2017

D Project. The - Big Face (2011)

The third album from this Canadian band.

The band was now a trio with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals. Tony Levin, Lalle Larsson, the vocalist of Quidam and Claire Vezina helped out the band here. Andy Jackson, a Pink Floyd producer did the production job here.

The D Project is Stephane Desbien's band. It is his vision and his compositions. You can find my reviews of the first two albums here and here. A review of the fourth album will soon be posted too/you can find the review of the fourth album somewhere else in this blog. 

This band and their albums has not really made that good impressions on me. And on Big Face, Stephane has made a very diverse album.

Take a big chunk of the David Gilmour's era Pink Floyd. That goes for some songs here. Then we have one teenybopper rock track which makes no sense whatsoever. And we also get some grunge and some pop here.

This fifty minutes long album is a bit of a chaos and too diverse in my view. Then again, I admire and like Stephane Desbien. But this album is still a step in the wrong direction.

There are a couple of good tracks here, though. So........

2.5 points

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