Tuesday 29 August 2017

Baraka - Inner Resonance (2010)

The seventh album from this Japanese band.

Baraka was again a trio with a lineup of drums, synths, bass and guitars.

I have so far reviewed two of their albums and this one is my third review of their albums. I have not been impressed... See my two other reviews here and here.

In short..... I was not looking forward to sink my teeth into this album.

Baraka is again giving us fusion. The opening track Palm Trees Of The Maldives is really, really good and one heck of an ear-opener. These five minutes heavy dynamic fusion got my full attention. It is the best piece of music I have ever heard from this band.

The band then dives into a more Japanese electronica and ethno landscape. It is still fusion, but with a lot of interesting details.

The music becomes a lot more pastoral at the end of these fifty minutes and is not really that interesting. Nevertheless, this is a good album and by far the best Baraka album I have ever heard. My belief in Baraka has been restored........

3 points

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