Sunday 13 August 2017

D Project. The - Making Sense (2014)

The fourth and so far latest album from this Canadian band.

The D Project was a trio on this album with a lineup of bass, drums, keyboards, guitars and vocals. They had help from members of Big Big Train, Nemo and Lazuli on saxophone, additional guitars and keyboards.

Stephane Desbiens is still they keyboardist, guitarist and vocalist here. His vocals are reasonably good. 

I cannot say I have been that impressed by their previous three albums. Reviews you can read somewhere else in this blog.

Their first album was a symphonic neo-prog album. From there on, they have been on a slide towards pop/rock and neo-prog.  

The forty-six minutes long Making Sense includes two long songs and six shorter songs. The songs are pretty punchy. They are also somewhere between Pink Floyd, neo-prog and pop/rock.

The songs are reasonably good. But some of them are too sloppy and too much pandering to the pop/rock audience. Nevertheless, some of the songs has good Pink Floyd themes. There are also some chugging guitars here.

Making Sense is one of those four The D Project albums who falls a bit short. The quality is not there. Again, this is a pretty good album. But nothing more than that.

2.5 points

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