Wednesday 16 August 2017

Dice - Newborn (2011)

The 13th album from this German band.

Dice is a quartet on this album with a lineup of saxophone, bass, drums, sitar, keyboards, flute, guitars and English vocals.

I am not sure what this band has been up to on their previous 12 albums. This is my first meeting with them and their music. I have also more than often mistaken this band for being the Swedish band with the same name.
From what I know, Dice has been doing space rock and krautrock on the 12 previous albums. I have got four of their most recent albums and will review them this summer/you will find reviews of three other Dice albums somewhere else in this blog.

The saxophone opens up the proceedings here and we get a nice laidback eight minutes long song with some good saxophone, good vocals on this good song.

That sets the trend of the rest of the album. There is also plenty of flutes and keyboards here on this one hour long laidback psychedelic progressive rock album. I just kick myself because I have not really given Dice my attention before now as I really like what I hear.

The songs are really long here and has a lot of nice details too. Nice sound too. 

This is not a great or even a very good album. Well, some parts of this album is very good though. A bit more flutes and some better songs and I would have rated this album a lot higher. But check out this album and this band.

3 points

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