Wednesday 23 August 2017

Baraka - Shade Of Evolution (2008)

The sixth album from this Japanese band.

Baraka was a trio on this album with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums and some synths and vocals.

My only exposure to this band before Shade Of Evolution was the 2007 album Baraka VII. A fairly good album in my view.

ProgArchives and their reviewers promised us a mix of hard prog and fusion. A promise kept and honoured by this Japanese band on this album.

This sounds great on paper as I really like heavy fusion. The likes of Mahavishnu Orchestra and those bands sends me into fits of pure pleasures.

This mix of hard prog and fusion can also be pretty frustrating if the band and the album does not come up with some good tunes and good technical playing.

Shades Of Evolution is one of those albums.

The music here is pretty standard power trio stuff. Bass and drums is honking away without being too overworked. The guitars and the occasional synths sounds pretty formula based.

This is in short a pretty dull album who fails to light up my life. It is decent album too. But I am sure this band can do better.

2 points

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