Saturday 5 August 2017

Now - Deep (1992)

The third and final album from this Belgium band.

Now were a quartet with a lineup of synths, bass, drums, guitars and English vocals.

I was really surprised and happy about their second album Spheres from 1991. You will find the review here.

So I purchased this album from Discogs and it arrived four days later from a seller in the Netherlands.

I had high expectations......

What hits me first is that there is something very familiar with the second track here. Yes, the band has included their very own version of the Led Zeppelin classic Kashmir. And they have almost doubled the lenght of this track. There is a lot of synths here and their version is not as punchy as the original version. It sounds like Saga doing this song.

There is also a new version of a song from Spheres here. How original this forty-four long album is, is something I find questionable.

There is s lot of Saga here in the remaining original songs too. Take a big chunk of Pendragon too and you get this album. The album is most definate a neo-prog album with all it's sound and ambience. The synths are pretty bad and generic. I am no fan. The guitars and the vocals saves this album from a worse fate.

I am not really imressed by this album at all. It is a decent to good album and just that. My copy of this album is up for sale at Amazon. That says it all.

2.5 points

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