Tuesday 15 August 2017

Chrysalide - Après la Chute (2004)

The debut album from this French duo.

Chrysalide was Geoffroy Vincens on vocals, bass and tamborine. Jacques Malinvaud played cello and guitars.

Chrysalide released three albums from their own website. I was trying to find their third album from that website. But it has closed down and I am not sure from where you can find this album.

I got their two first albums and I also believe I were in touch with the band through ProgArchives ten years ago or so. But I did not listen to this album...... before last weekend.

The music is listed as folk rock in ProgArchives. I am not so sure about that. This album sounds more like post-rock and krautrock to me. It is supposed to be a concept album too.....

So far so good.

What is really terrible here is....... well, the music. The music is made by some strumming acoustic guitars and that is the rhythm and the melody creating instrument here. An acoustic guitar.....

There are some sporadic (pretty poor) vocals, electric guitars, cello and bass here too. There are even some sporadic outbreaks of melodies here. Meaningful melodies and music.

In short, this one hour is pretty much a study in suffering. No, not for the musicians. The listener, the reviewer, I mean. This album is no less a turkey and a pretty fat, big one too.

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