Tuesday 29 August 2017

Glasswork - Fear and Trembling (2017)

The second album from this Spanish band.

Glasswork is a quartet on this album with a lineup of flute, keyboards, guitars, bass, drums and English vocals.

I am not familiar with their 2014 debut album Knots. But I think I will get this album in the near future based on Fear And Trembling.

Glasswork plays some pretty heavy prog rock with a lot of references to post-rock and folk rock. Reference are obviously Porcupine Tree. A very big reference here. But there is also some post-rock references too.

The keyboards sometimes dips into both mellotron and moog sounds. There is also a very good Hammond like organ sound here. There is also some electronica and more 1970s symphonic prog too. This album is a good fusion between 1970s progressive rock and 2010s progressive rock.

The songs are both melodic and pretty challenging too on this forty-five minutes long album. An album with a good sound and with a good soundscape too. The songs are always good and interesting.

Glasswork is a new name to me. But I will most definate check out their debut album Knots and I have made a mental note of this band.

3 points

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