Friday 25 August 2017

Mugen - The Princess of Kingdom Gone (1988)

The third and final album from this Japanese band.

Mugen was a six piece band on this album with a lineup of mellotron, guitars, synths, bass, percussions and vocals.

I have recently reviewed their first two albums and you can read the reviews here and here. It is fair to say that I am not entire won over by their first two albums.

Mugen was a Japanese symphonic prog band. Symphonic prog with some neo-prog and a lot of baroque classical music influences. That goes for this album too.

My guess is that the band wanted to do beautiful symphonic prog with a Japanese identity. And they came up with this album. An album where they to a very large extent succeed in this endevour.

This album is very flowery and baroque. Lots of synths and mellotron who recreates a chamber-orchestra sound. The male vocals sounds like female vocals and are on the top of that again.

I have a slightly weak spot for Japanese symphonic prog. Nevertheless, the sound and the ideas here are very good. The result is not that good, I am afraid. There is not enough quality here to convince me that this is a good album.

The result is a decent to good album. One I respect and I really respect this band. But this album.... Well, I am not won over. But check out this band.

2.5 points

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