Wednesday 30 August 2017

Nexus - En El Comienzo Del Topos Uranos (2017)

The seventh album from this Argentine band.

Nexus was a quartet on this album with a lineup of guitars, piano, keyboards, bass, drums and some Spanish vocals.

I know this band from some years ago when I reviewed their fifth and sixth albums. You will find these reviews here and here.

It is now five years since their last album. Two albums in one year, no less. That was 2012 and the band has changed a bit, I note from my reviews. Most of the vocals has now gone. What is remaining is instrumental symphonic prog.

Instrumental symphonic prog is not really my kind of symphonic prog. Some vocals is always keeping the focus of both the band and the listener. Instrumental symphonic prog can be a bit wishy-washy and muzak at times. Hence my reservations against instrumental symphonic prog.

The music on this album is pretty dark on this almost one hour long album. Some parts of this album is very dark and I get some RIO vibes from the likes of Present and Univers Zero. The music is also very technical with lots of keyboards, piano and guitars involved.

The music here is therefore neither muzak or wishy-washy. Neither is it great. I am not really convinced about it's quality either. It is sorely lacking some very good to good tracks. It is there an album somewhere between decent and good. It is a step in the wrong direction from this band.

2.5 points


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