Friday 11 August 2017

Metamorphosis - Nobody Cares (2003)

The second album from this Swiss band.

The band is a quartet on this album with a lineup of guitars, keyboards, bass, drum machine, flutes and English vocals.

Their 2002 debut album After All These Years was a pretty good debut album with some good and bad things. So I was looking forward to review this album in my quest to review all their five studio albums.

Metamorphosis is a neo-prog band. There is no ifs and buts here. They are an unashamed neo-prog band.

Ditto for this one hour long album. Unashamed neo-prog with a Pendragon sound. The vocalist does a good job and ditto for the rest of the band. A small minus for the use of drum machines here. But their neo-prog in the British tradition really works here.

The eight songs are around eight minutes long on average. The longest one are over twelve minutes long. Which makes some interesting music.

The guitars are good and the melodies are decent to good. There is some progress from the debut album and I find myself really liking this album. Hence my verdict.

3 points

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