Friday 4 August 2017

Mandalaband - BC Ancestors (2009)

The third album from this British project.

David Rohl returned with Mandalaband again after a break of 31 years. He had help of Barclay James Harvest again and numerous other musicians. That includes Troy Donockley and his numerous different types of flutes.

I reviewed their first album here and their second album here. Two good symphonic prog albums.

The problems with projects like this album and Mandalaband in general is that they tends to be overblown and overbloated. Which is to a great extent true on this album too. Sixty-eight minutes... It is a lot of music to get through.

There are a lot on this album that reminds me about Camel's excellent Harbour Of Tears album. That mix of symphonic prog and Irish folk music. There is an undertone of that on BC Ancestors too. Most of this album is songs based symphonic prog. There are also some opera and classical music here too. A rock opera, in other words.

I believe the theme here is the old Egyptians. That is an often used theme in modern music.

The music is good throughout.... albeit a bit bland. But this album delivers..... although it fails to enthuse.

3 points

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