Friday 9 March 2018

Strawbs - The Ferryman's Curse (2017)

The 23rd album from this British band.

Strawbs was a quintet on this album with a lineup of autoharp, electric dulcimer, bass, drums, guitars, ebow, bouzouki, keyboards, organ, drums, percussion and vocals.

The quality of their latest releases has been very paltry and I have got the feeling that the band was living on old album, repackaging them (Hero And Heroine In Ascensia) and not bothering coming up with anything new. So when I heard the news that this band was releasing a new album, I barely shrugged my shoulders.

I was wrong.

Strawbs has wiped the slate clean and released this album. An album with new stuff and a new approach.

They have also gone back to their roots and added some Americana to their sound too. This is indeed a folk rock album with real songs.

It is also an album where each song, and there is ten of them, get's their own life and story. There is no suites here and no overly complicated stuff. Just Dave Cousins on vocals and the rest of the band churning out songs.

The quality is very good too. I am very surprised by this fifty minutes long album. It has a great sound which sounds like the kick of an angry stallion. Which basically this album is. A solid kick.

This is an album well worth checking out and enjoying for the next 100 years. If this is the final Strawbs album, they have gone out with a big bang. And their reputation greatly improved.

3.5 points

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