Thursday 1 March 2018

Magic Spell - Is There Anywhere A Gas Station? (1980)

The one and only album from this Swiss band.

Magic Spell was a quartet with a lineup of guitars, keyboards, bass, drums and vocals.

Not much is known about this band. What we know can be found on the link above. This album still deserves our attention though. With "our", I mean those of us into progressive rock and sonic adventures.

This album starts out as an Eloy copycat album and that grabs my attention. It does not continue as an Eloy copycat, though. Magic Spell is by no means an Eloy copycat.

This forty minutes long album takes us into the direction of Uriah Heep and Genesis too. Hard rock meets psychedelic rock meets symphonic prog. That is the best label I can come up with.

The music is a bit hard. Mostly due to the guitars. The keyboards are pretty dominant though and the good vocals is also adding their bits.

These forty minutes offers up a lot of good music from an album and a band as obscure as it gets. Which is a shame because a lot of you would really like it.

This is indeed a good album and a nice surprise.

3 points

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