Tuesday 27 March 2018

Ars Pro Vita - Minor (2017)

The debut album from this Brazilian band.

Ars Pro Vita is the Venegas brothers, Paolo Jose and Luis, band. They are playing everything here. That means synths, guitars, samples, programming and vocals.

Ars Pro Vita is a new name in the symphonic prog scene and very much a welcome addition to the genre.

Minor is a one hour long album. An album that reminds me a bit about the French band Elend. But there is also a lot of acoustic and more human sounds and music here.

There is indeed some semi-acoustic tracks here with vocals. My fear about another instrumental albums with cascades of synths was not founded in reality.

There is a lot of vocals and pretty nice songs on this album. All of them are pretty pastoral and mellow. All of them pretty symphonic too.

The album returns to being instrumental symphonic prog at the end of this almost one hour long album.

I am surprised how pastoral these songs are and how organic most of this album is. This is indeed a good album who promises a lot for the future. Get this album.

3 points


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