Saturday 31 March 2018

Millenium - 44 Minutes (2017)

The 12th album from this Polish band.

Millenium was a sextet with a lineup of saxophone, guitars, keyboards, bass, drums and vocals.
A female vocalist also added her voice and vocals to this album.

I have been reviewing some of their albums this winter and I have found this band a very good band. You can read my reviews somewhere else in this blog.

Millenium is one of, thankfully, many Polish neo-prog bands. The standards of Polish neo-prog is very high and Millenium is in the vanguard of this scene.

The band does their neo-prog a bit different than most other neo-prog bands as they have saxophone as one of their major instruments. They are also leaning towards Pink Floyd too in addition to being true to the melodic neo-prog genre.

The music is very melodic. The music on this fifty minutes long album is not as complex and symphonic as on their previous albums. The added female vocals, which is mostly everywhere in addition to the male vocals, has also given the band a new voice and sound.
Some of the songs are actually duets between male and female vocals. Nice.

This album does not have much of a nasty bite and complexity. It still delivers some good neo-prog though. This is another good album from this Polish band and just that. But it is not their best album.

3 points

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