Saturday 10 March 2018

Magma - Félicité Thösz (2012)

The 12th album from these French legends.

Magma was an eight piece big band here with a lineup of glockenspiel, drums, vibraphone, piano, keyboards, tambourine, bass, guitars, bells and vocals. All vocals, male and female is in Kobaian.
Three xtra vocalists are also adding their vocals to this album.

Magma does not need any introductions. They are a genre creator, Zeuhl, and a band who has pushed and indeed smashed up many musical borders. They have created their own language too and is easy among the best and most important European prog bands of all time. There is a DVD out now about them you should get.

I have reviewed all their albums, but forgot this one. So this is me completing the reviews of the Magma albums. You will find my other ones in ProgArchives and in #1 of this blog.

Felicite Thosz is a half an hour long zeuhl symphony/suite who takes the band back to their beginnings and early albums. This is pure zeuhl and pure Magma.

There is lots of scatching female vocals here. Lots of jazzy zeuhl and a proper symphonic zeuhl piece of music. And it is a great piece of music too.

This is another welcome back to form from this band and it is a great album too. Get this album.

4 points

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