Sunday 11 March 2018

Magnus. Nick - N'monix (2014)

The fifth album from this British keyboards player.

Nick Magnus on keyboards had help from numerous other musicians who provided drums, bass, keyboards, saxophones, flutes and vocals.
Among those who contributed was Steve Hackett, Tony Patterson and Tim Bowness.

Nick Magnus started out with The Enid, played on the Autumn album before he joined up with Steve Hackett on his best albums. He has also played with Renaissance and other more pop orientated bands.

So he is well known and well respected. I also believe he is still gigging on his own and as a part of Steve Hackett's band.

The music on N'Monix is symphonic prog in the vein of Steve Hackett. Those two are more or less musical twins as their albums are very much alike. Two great, similar minds in other words.

Each song has a different vocalist and the music is dominated by vocals, keyboards, piano and guitars. The songs are mid-tempo and vocals orientated.

This fifty minutes long album is not the most exciting album I have every heard. But the songs are good and I cannot overlook that. Hence my rating.....

3 points

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