Sunday 4 March 2018

Bruford. Bill - Gradually Going Tornado (1980)

The third album from Bill Bruford from England.

Bill Bruford on drums had help from a trio who provided guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals.
They had help from a cellist and Barbara Gaskin and Amanda Parsons on vocals.

Allan Holdsworth had vacated the guitarist position and that had been filled by John Clark.

The change of guitarists has given the band a bit more of a contemporary sound. A bit more lighter sound. Dave Stewart on keyboards has also moved the band two large steps towards the Canterbury sound.

This is still a fusion band. But with a very large chunk of Canterbury prog. It is a much less jazz album than the two previous albums. Reviews you can read somewhere else in this blog.

That makes this a very playful album and a very melodic one too. There is a bit of National Health in this album.

The musicians is doing a very good job again, being some of the best ones in the business at that time. The Canterbury sound makes this a very good album too. One I really enjoy.

Check out this album.

3.5 points

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