Sunday 25 March 2018

Millenium - Vocanda 2013 Live In Studio (2013)

The tenth album from this Polish band.

Millenium was a quintet with a lineup of guitars, keyboards, bass, drums and vocals.
They had help from two guest musicians who provided saxophone and female vocals.

I normally never review live albums. But after checking out this album, I discovered that this is a re-recording of their second album, the 2000 album Vocanda. My guess is that the band did not like or could no longer live with the original album. An album almost impossible to find.

....Aaah.... I see. This album was recorded during the rehearsals for their 15 years celebration gig for the launch of their record label Lynx Music. A great record label which I really like. 

I very much like this band so I am very pleased to get the chance to listen to Vocanda songs. Live or not.

Millenium is a neo-prog band and I have reviewed some of their albums for this blog. Check out my other reviews somewhere else in this blog.

This band operates at the more melodic end of the neo-prog spectrum. The music is pretty elegant and full of nice guitar solos and soaring melodies with soaring male and female vocals.
There are some elements of Pink Floyd and symphonic prog in their music too.

This is indeed a good one hour long album which would really appeal to everyone into melodic neo-prog. Fans of this genre should urgently check out this band too.

3 points

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