Sunday 11 March 2018

Horslips - Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part (1972)


The debut album from this Irish band.

Horslips was a quintet on this album with a lineup of fiddles, concertina, mandolin, guitars, percussion, bodhran, drums, bass, flutes, keyboards, whistle and vocals.

Horslips is true legends in Ireland and a national treasure. They are still gigging if I am not much mistaken.

I reviewed their 1976 album, their sixth album, The Book Of Invasions A Celtic Symphony back in December 2009, on the Christmas Day, no less. You can find my review here.

On the back of that album, I got a handful more Horslips albums....... and forgot about them. But I have now found them and will do reviews of them this spring/you can find some more of my reviews somewhere else in this blog.

Horslips was one of the first ever bands who combined Irish folk music with rock and psych prog. The result was Irish folk rock. One of my all-time favourite bands Thin Lizzy also went down the same path some years later. But with a lot more success world wide.

There is a lot of Irish jigs and folk rock here. But there is also a couple of prog rock songs here too. The band was really turning in the direction of prog rock at this stage too.

The quality on this forty-five minutes long album is not always good. But there is a lot of good things on this album inbetween some decent Irish jigs and folk music. I am surprised.... positive surprised.

2.5 points

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