Saturday 31 March 2018

Honduras Libregrupo - Célula Dormida (2010)

The fourth album from this Argentine band.

The band was a seven piece big band with a lineup of balalaika, organ, guitars, percussion, woodwinds, drums, bass and vocals.
The band had some help from other vocalists, bassists and guitarists.

Their first three albums has bypassed me, I am afraid. So I am not able to do a running commentary on their development.

The band started out as a psych/space rock band on their debut album. And they ended up with this album, which is the last sign of life from this band.

The music on Celula Dormida is avant-garde psych prog. There is a lot of psych rock here too. But most of this album is out there in the avant-garde land.

The band experiments a lot with psych rock and drags the tones out into outer avant-garde land. Some of this album is also spaced out.

The music and the use of instruments is all over the place. 

This album is fifty minutes long and it has a few good ideas. But most of this album is half-decent to decent. This is an album everyone into avant-garde, really into avant-garde rock should check out.

2 points

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