Friday 30 March 2018

Pyramidion - Myopia Rind (2011)

The second and final album from this Scottish band.

Pyramidion was a quartet with a lineup of bass, drums, guitars and chanting.

I had the joy of reviewing their debut album some days ago and that album did not really appeal to me. Read my review here.

The band was a spaced out krautrock band. The band was also a local supergroup from Glasgow with members from other jam bands and space rock bands.

This album is fifty minutes and four tracks long. All of them are space rock jams.

The bass is pretty good and the main instrument here. The guitars and drums are hovering around the bass-lines, adding textures.

Their take on spaced out krautrock is easy and simple. It is also pretty much working....... to a certain degree.

This is by no means a bad album. Neither is it a good album. It is a decent album which may appeal to the most spaced out krautrock fan among you. Check it out.

2 points

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