Thursday 22 March 2018

Schooltree - Heterotopia (2017)

The third album from this US band.

Schooltree is a sextet with a lineup of organ, piano, synths, bass, drums, guitars and vocals. Female vocals, that is.

I have not had the chance to listen to their first two albums My Metal Mother (2011) and Rise (2013). Maybe I should get those two albums.

Schooltree does a female vocals fronted take on neo-prog. The British band Magenta immediate entered my mind and has stayed there throughout these listening sessions.

The vocals is much the same as Christina Booth and the way of approaching the melodies are also the same.

That is by no means a bad thing as Magenta has a big star in my home. In most prog rock fans homes, I would guess. Schooltree has a good taste !

The album is close to being one hundred minutes long. Not everything here is good. There are a few very good things here.... the vocals, the piano and some melody lines. This not the most exciting music around and one hundred minutes of it is one big dinner.

This is a good album though and one to check out.

3 points

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