Monday 19 March 2018

Millenium - Ego (2013)

The ninth album from this Polish band.

Millenium is a quintet on this album with a lineup of guitars, keyboards, bass, drums and vocals.
The band had help from three other musicians who provided trumpet, sax and vocals.

I have during the last weeks reviewed some of their albums and you will find the reviews somewhere else in this blog.

Poland has a lot of really good neo-prog bands and you can include this band among them.
I have also recently discovered that the main man in Millenium, Lukasz Gall has also released some solo albums under the name Gall. I have actually reviewed one of them and you can find the review here

Melodic, epic neo-prog is what this band gives us on this album. Fifty minutes of melodic, epic neo-prog.

The music sometimes moves in the direction of David Gilmour's Pink Floyd. Epic and a bit melancholic. The sax, trumpet and the female vocals and choirs brings it very near Pink Floyd.

There is also some pretty normal neo-prog here.

The songs are really good and they makes a good album. There is no weaknesses here. Then again, there is no great songs here too. Hence my rating of this album.

3 points

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