Saturday 30 December 2017

Trettioåriga Kriget - Krigssång (1976)

The second album from this Swedish band.

The band was a quartet on this album with a lineup of drums, bass, guitars, percussions, keyboards and Swedish vocals.

I reviewed their 1974 self-titled album back in April 2012 for # 1 of this blog. I closed the review by promising to review the rest of their albums. Then I got lost in the world of prog and fusion. Other albums got my attention and Trettioåriga Kriget was forgotten. Until now, that is.
You can read my review of their debut album here and I am planning to review the rest of my Trettioåriga Kriget albums during this winter and the spring. 

The band was a heavy prog band and they have released new studio albums up to 2016. For all I know, the band is still active.

Krigssång is regarded as a classic Swedish prog album and I can understand why. The album is a mix of Swedish hard rock, symphonic prog and some fusion.

The second song Metamorfoser is a very good song. It is in the great Lamb Lies Down On Broadway mood and melody. It is also a very pastoral song. With English lyrics, Metamorfoser could have been included on that Genesis album.

That song is not typical for this thirty-four minutes long album though. The album is pretty heavy and pretty lively. The ideas is decent to good throughout and the abovementioned song lifts this album up to a good rating. Yes, I will now pursue their discography and review their albums.

3 points


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