Saturday 23 December 2017

Itoiz - Musikaz Blai (1983)

 The fourth album from this Spanish band.

Itoiz was a quintet with a lineup of bass, drums, guitars, keyboards and Basque vocals.
The band had help from two guest musicians who provided saxophones and piano.

I reviewed their debut album earlier this month in addition to my reviews of their second and third album for # 1 of this blog. The reviews can be found here, here and here.

The band was a very good folk rock band back then. Their albums was good folk rock and everything was a bliss. Well, perhaps not the record sales which I guess was not great.

....Which may explain Musikaz Blai......

The band has made a big U-turn here and gone for commercial pop-rock. That anno 1980s. The turkey the man in the foreground is holding up is not far off what we get here.

Some chugging guitars, some reggae and some funky pop is not what I expected from this band. And frankly, this album is pretty bad. It is not a turkey, but it is close to being one. A couple of decent songs saves it from being included in my turkey yard.

1.5 points

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