Monday 25 December 2017

Magic Pie - Circus Of Life (2007)

The second album from this Norwegian band.

Magic Pie was a sextet with a lineup of sitar, guitar, bass, drums, marimba, harmonica, keyboards, cello and vocals.
The band also had help from some other musicians who provided kid voice, trombone and xtra vocals.

I very much like their 2005 debut album Motions Of Desire. You can read my review here

Magic Pie was one of the first bands in the new wave of Norwegian progressive rock. A scene and a wave who has given us a great 2017 with some superb albums.

Magic Pie does a mix of symphonic prog, neo-prog and prog metal. Circus Of Life is very typical for this mix of these three genres.

The music here looks back to the 1970s and the hard rock and symphonic prog scene there. Parts of this album also looks towards Dream Theater and soft prog metal. The sound is very nice, indeed.

The overall quality on this one hour long album is good without really excelling. It is a solid album which neither enthuse me or repels me. I still rate this album very highly.

3 points

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