Monday 11 December 2017

Karibow - Holophinium (2016)

The eight album from this German band.

Karibow is a band lead by Oliver Rusing from Germany who did drums, vocals, guitars and keyboards. He had help from eight musicians here who provided keyboards, bass, guitars, mandolin and vocals. Both lead and backup vocals.

Among these musicians, Michael Sadler (Saga), Sean Timms (Unitopia) and Colin Tench is the most prominent ones. My guess is that they recorded their bits in their respective countries and emailed the files over to the studio where everything was collected and mixed together.

I reviewed Karibow's sixth album some weeks ago and found a good album. See my review here. Oliver Rusing played every instrument on that album and that is the difference between that album and Holophinium.

There is a lot more power and oomph in Holophinium. We are still talking German neo-prog here. Pretty standard German neo-prog too.

There is a lot of vocals and guitars harmonies here. The vocals is very good and the musicians does their best. Their best on a beast of a double album, a double CD. Ninety minutes of neo-prog is what we get here.

The quality is overall good. But there is no sparks and no explosions here. The music trundles away in a respectable manner. Which is what this album is. Respectable.

3 points

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