Wednesday 27 December 2017

Itoiz - Espaloían (1985)

The fifth album from this Spanish band.

Itoiz was a quartet on this album with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums and Basque vocals.
They had help from two musicians who provided saxophones and keyboards.

Their previous album, the 1983 album Musikaz Blai, was a pretty bad album.You can read my review here. That one came after three good first albums. But the band had changed from folk rock to commercial pop-rock. Maybe to survive or to follow the trends.

I therefore did not have any hopes about any improvements on Espaloian. What we get here is thirty-five minutes of much the same as on Musikaz Blai.

You get some reggae too here in addition to some funk. But most of all, this is pop-rock.

The band was not good song writers and that shines through on this album. It is an album as funny as watching paint dry. But two of their first albums was really very good and I loved this band. So their latest two album therefore becomes a bigger letdown.

This album is a turkey of an album and well worth avoiding at all cost.

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