Tuesday 5 December 2017

Strawbs - Dragonfly (1970)

The second album from this English band.

Strawbs was a quartet with a lineup of cello, double bass, guitars, tambourine, percussion, chinese keyboards, keyboards, dulcimer and vocals.
Four guest musicians, including Rick Wakeman and the producer Tony Visconti, added drums, recorder, organ and piano.

The band had been a bit start and stop. Two album was shelved and later released before their official debut album Strawbs was released in 1969. My review is here.

Strawbs is both one of the big folk rock bands and one of the bigger British bands. They have just released a new album which I will come to after reviewed some other Strawbs albums inbetween. I have also reviewed some Strawbs albums for ProgArchives many years ago. So I am running through the remaining ones this winter.

Dragonfly is regarded as one of the better folk rock albums from Great Britain. It certainly has a nice cover art-work and some nice songs.

This is folk rock though and there is no real The Battle like songs here which on the debut album pointed towards progressive rock. There is no real pointers towards progressive rock or any expansive music here.

What you will find here is thirty-six minutes of fine folk rock. David Cousins vocals is very good. The songs are not that very good. There are also some fillers here which leaves me cold.

This is a fine album which falls a bit short on the quality side of things.

2.5 points

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