Thursday 21 December 2017

Midas - International Popular Album (2000)

The fourth album from this Japanese band.

Midas was a quartet on this album with a lineup of violins, bass, drums, percussion, guitars, synths, keyboards and Japanese vocals.

I have reviewed a couple of their albums for ProgArchives and # 1 of this blog. You can read these reviews here and here.  Midas has just released a new album and I will review that one sometimes next week/you will find a review of their new album somewhere else in this blog.

Midas is a Japanese symphonic prog band and they have sporadic released albums since 1988. Six albums, that is. None of them has made it to the tops of the rating polls.

International Popular Album is a strangely titled album for an album with this kind of music. The music here is very Japanese and very softly spoken. My guess is that the album title is sarcasm and ironic.

The music is very softly spoken with a lot of understated melodies and songs. The vocals is really softly spoken too. I would compare this album to a Japanese version of Genesis. But there is also some neo-prog here. This album is perhaps a more neo-prog album than a symph prog album.

The music is good throughout these forty minutes and it is a bit of a shame that this band is so underrated. I rate them as a good band, well worth following and keeping an eye on.

3 points

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