Saturday 30 December 2017

Inner Road. The - Sanctuary (2017)

The third album from this English band.

The Inner Road is a trio with a lineup of bass, orchestration, drums, guitars, keyboards, Chapman stick and vocals.

The members of The Inner Road also plays in Coalition, a neo-prog band who has released three albums. The latest one earlier this year. The band did not feel that the material they had written and who later became The Inner Road's debut album fitted in the Coalition style and concept. Hence The Inner Road.

I have reviewed their previous two albums. You will find the reviews here and here.

Sanctuary is a seventy-seven minutes long symphonic prog album. It is mainly ambient with a lot of piano, guitars and some vocals. The vocals are more like instruments than words.

Enya springs to mind on large parts of this album. But the album is not as celtic and not as ambient as that...... thankfully !!!

But there is no denying that there is a distinct lack of dynamic melodies here. The music on this album is mood music and does not offer up much else than that.

The quality is a mix of decent and good. The melodies are not great and these seventy-seven minutes is a bit of a test. Hence my rating.

2.5 points

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