Saturday 30 December 2017

Jordsjø - Jord (2017)

The fourth album from this Norwegian band.

Jordsjø is a trio with a lineup of keyboards, flute, guitars, drums, percussion, bass and Norwegian vocals.

Jordsjø is an offspring of Tusmorke, another Norwegian band. A band who are not that dissimilar to Jordsjø.

I first heard about Jordsjø earlier this year and was enough intrigued to get their 2015 self-titled compilation album. That is a compilation of earlier released EPs. You can read my review here.

Both that album and this album, Jord, has got raving reviews from both metal magazines and prog rock magazines. I can understand their crossover appeal. 

Jordsjø combines prog rock with early Norwegian folk rock. Both Kong Lavring and in particular Folque springs to mind as band references. And so does Tusmorke too... off course. There is also some more modern influences here. The likes of Third And The Mortal.

The music is dominated by flute, a Mellotron like keyboard sound and the vocals. It is music pretty much fluent and in line with folk rock.

Jord is almost forty minutes long and it has been released as a cassette (hence the artwork here) and as a digital download. It is a good album too and one to check out. This is an upcoming band with a great future if the band members choose to continue with this band.

3 points

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