Friday 29 December 2017

Frogg Café - Bateless Edge (2010)

The fifth album from this US band.

Frogg Cafe was a sextet with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums, viola, mandolin, violin, banjo, percussions, glockenspiel, trombones, trumpet, cello, keyboards, flugelhorn, piano and vocals.
They had help from numerous other musicians who added numerous other instruments.

This album was one of ProgArchives highest rated albums for 2010 and my plan was to review it back then. But that did not happen as I got lost in this very exciting world of prog and jazz. I simply forgot this album in my delirious confusion. Too many sweets, too many albums to review. Too much fun to be had.

I have reviewed their previous four albums and you can read the reviews here, here, here and here.

It seems like Frogg Cafe is no longer amongst us. Which is a shame as the band was very creative. That too goes for this album.

This album is almost 80 minutes long. And it is an album which goes from one genre to another. From progressive rock and rock to fusion and jazz.

There are some long songs and some shorter songs here. There is a lot of instruments here. In particular woodwinds and percussions. There is also a lot of good vocals here.

This album is well over the top as it is everything to a lot of people. Not every people, but a lot of people. The quality is suffering a bit as not everything here is up to standard. But this is a good album throughout and one I can understand why people really like. I am not one of those, I am afraid. But it is a good album.

3 points

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