Sunday 17 December 2017

Kaipa - Children Of The Sounds (2017)

The 13th album from this Swedish band.

Kaipa was a sextet on this album with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and English male and female vocals.
A guest musician provided violin.

I have reviewed a lot of Kaipa albums in # 1 of this blog and some Kaipa albums in ProgArchives. Visit these places to read my Kaipa reviews if any interest.

I am a bit a of fan of this band, a band who maybe deserves to be labeled as the grand-fathers of the Swedish symphonic prog rock scene. Roine Stolt started out there and he now has his Kaipa tribute band called Kaipa Da Capo. Many would say his band The Flower Kings is in the same mould as Kaipa. I am one of those who would say that.

Under the steady leadership of one of the founders of Kaipa, Hans Lundin, the band too has developed on from where they once started. The added female vocals of Aleena Gibson has given the band a lot of added flowery sounds. It is still Swedish symphonic prog, but with some more added folk rock influences.

The music is very flowery at times and it is also pretty much guitars dominated at times. The sound is great.

Unfortunate, the songs are not that great on this one hour long album. But this album prove that Kaipa is a must-support band and worthy of my admiration. This is indeed a very good album from this Swedish band.

3.5 points

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