Thursday 28 December 2017

Hadal Sherpa - Hadal Sherpa (2017)

The debut album from this Finnish band.

Hadal Sherpa is a quintet with a lineup of guitars, bouzouki, cello, keyboards, bass, drums and percussion.
Three guest musicians provides flutes, percussion and trumpet.

This band has been one of 2017 most spoken about new bands. At least one of the most spoken about bands from the last half of this year.

Hadal Sherpa continues in the same path as Hidria Spacefolk. We are talking space and psych rock here.

There is a vital difference though. Hadal Sherpa has also a lot of folk music and folk rock influences. Influences you can hear from the first tone on this album. They have therefore been compared to the Swedish band Agusa. Something I would agree with.

So take lots of space and psych rock, fuse that with folk rock/music and you get this album.

This album is seventy minutes long and is carried by flutes and guitars. The keyboards is playing a supporting role here.

The end result is a more than acceptable debut album. A very good album in fact. This band is one of the best hopes for the future and I will follow them.

3.5 points

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