Monday 18 December 2017

Ponty. Jean Luc - The Gift Of Time (1987)

The 17th album from this French violinist.

Jean Luc Ponty did the violins and synths here and he had help from a bassist, drummer and a guitarist.

Jean Luc Ponty's output had been remarkable good during the 1980s. Where other great bands and solo artists from the 1970s were lost and released sub-standard albums, Jean Luc Ponty took his violin to the studio and came up with the goods. OK, there was a bit of a drop in the quality and he too succumbed to the 1980s synths wizardry.

The musicians he worked with was not the best ones and you can feel that his recording budgets was not the best ones. The good times from the 1970s was over and Jean Luc Ponty was pushed out onto the margins of the record industry. But the reduced budgets did not mean sub-standard albums from Jean Luc Ponty.

....... Until this album, that is.....

The Gift Of Time takes us straight into a plastic fantastic synth world with a lot of violins and some bass, drums and guitars.

The synths and the terrible 1980s sound dominates this forty minutes long album. The songs are not really good either. There is though a Japanese-Chinese feel in the electronica here though and that is a saving grace which saves this album from the turkey yard. But this is by far his worst album and I hope it is not the sign of time from Jean Luc Ponty. I still have three more albums from him to review.

1.5 points

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