Friday 15 December 2017

Gösta Berlings Saga - Glue Works (2011)

The third album from this Swedish band.

The band was a quartet on this album with a lineup of guitars, mellotron, moog, fender rhodes, synths, bass, percussion and drums.
The band had help from a quintet who provided musical saw, woodwinds, cello and fx.

I did not really clicked with this band's music on their first two albums. The music was too eclectic even for me. It was eclectic for the sole purpose of being eclectic. You can read my reviews here and here.

On Glue Works, it sounds like the band has become a lot more disciplined. The band is trying to play on their strenghts here. Which is a good thing.

The music on this three quarters of an hour long album is still instrumental. It still has a lot of influences from Swedish folk rock, The Flower Kings and King Crimson.

Those are three very good influences and the result is very much a Swedish sounding album. An eclectic album with some strange rhythms and melody lines.

It is also an engaging album which grabbed hold of me from the first listening session. After my problems with reviewing their previous two albums, Glue Works really engages me.

This is not a great album as it is missing a killer tracks or two. Nevertheless, this is a very good album and one I really enjoys. Maybe I should get their 2017 album too....

3.5 points

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