Saturday 9 December 2017

Gösta Berlings Saga - Detta Har Hänt (2009)

The second album from this Swedish band.

Gosta Berlings Saga was a quartet on this album with a lineup of Fender Rhodes, guitars, bass, percussion and drums.
The band had help from two other musicians (including Mattias Olson from Anglagard) who added loops, fx, moog, mellotron, piano, synths, bells and persephone.

I reviewed their debut album, the 2006 opus Tid Ar Ljud last month. It is a good album and you can read my review here

The band delivers again some intricate, eclectic instrumental progressive rock. That is their trademark after all.

The music is based on Swedish folk music and symphonic prog. The band has taken this base and gone down the left path towards avant-garde and electronica. There is a pretty pointless, not so good piece of electronica midway through this album. A piece that breaks with the disharmonic harmony on this album.

Some parts of this album is drenched in Mellotron and Moog. Other parts is more guitars and bass dominated. I prefer the Mellotron parts.

This album is almost one hour long and it has some good, decent and very good pieces. I am not entirely won over because I find some of the stuff here not that interesting. But based on a total evaluation of this album, it is still a good album. Very eclectic, but good.

3 points

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