Friday 23 February 2018

Millenium - Reincarnations (2002)

The third album from this Polish band.

The band was a quintet with a lineup of guitars, keyboards, piano, bass, drums and vocals.

It now occurs to me that I am actually reviewing the 2010 remaster as the songs here are in English. I do not have the Polish language disc. But the music is the same, and from 2002, so I will continue with this review.

I am planning to do a handful of reviews of their albums this winter/spring and this is my first one/you can read my review of their other albums somewhere else in this blog.

Millenium is one of those bands in the Polish neo-prog scene. A scene very much a pretty big rival to the Dutch, English and German neo-prog scene.

The music is very melodic here. It also has got a lot of details and is also pretty symphonic at times. This is very much neo-prog. Gentle neo-prog.

The vocals are very good. The music can be a bit too sugary/sweet at times. It is also taking a couple of detours into pop music. The guitars and the keyboards is keeping this album honest, though.

The end result is a decent to good album who needs a couple of good songs to really shine. It is still a band I am really looking forward to explore.

2.5 points

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