Sunday 18 February 2018

Kerzner. Dave - Static (2017)

The second album from this US musician.

Dave Kerzner plays keyboards, guitars, bass and does the vocals here.
He has got help from numerous other musicians who has provided cello, drums, bass and guitars.

Dave Kerzner is most known for his bands Mantra Vega and Sound Of Contact. But he has also played with Phil Collins, Tom Waits, Steve Hackett, Neil Peart and numerous other famous musicians. He is a studio musician and a hired hand in live bands in other words.

He lets rip with his own ideas and music as a solo artist. And that is great and noble from Dave Kerzner. We like creative musicians who take chances. And Dave Kerzner is doing that. Most recently in the Prog Cruise in the Caribeen Ocean where he played several gigs on board this cruise liner.

The music here is standard neo-prog with some AOR included. There is some progressive metal here too.

The music is very melodic with a great sound and some very good vocals and harmonies.

This seventy-five minutes long album has this project feeling where everyone is contributing without being members of this band. Nice to have great friends.

The music is very nice indeed, but not great. It is a good album which offers plenty for the ears, but not so much for the brains. Enjoyable when the music last. Check it out.

3 points

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