Wednesday 14 February 2018

Cirkus - Cirkus IV The Blue Star (2017)

The fourth album from this British band.

Ten musicians contributed to this album which was recorded long time ago. They contributed with bazouki, bass, drums, guitars, keyboards, flute and vocals.

The tapes for this album was found when the eartly possessions of their drummer Stu McDade, who passed away in 2016, revealed an unmastered new album. This album.

Cirkus released their first album in 1973, their second in 1994 and their third in 1998. I have yet to hear any of them. But what I hear, the music was a mix of progressive rock light and commercial rock and pop. They were on the fringes of the progressive rock scene.

So one of the vocalist on this album, Dave Ramshaw, mastered this album and released it on his own label Ramshaw Records. Their fourth record label, no less.

The Blue Star is forty-five minutes of a mix of mainstream rock, a bit progressive rock, some funky pop and lots of pop-rock. The vocals are OK, the sound is good and the musicians is doing an OK job.

The music is too sugary and full on fat. The band tries to be very commercial with lots of sweet synths and melodies.

There are no really good songs here and it sounds a bit too dull for my liking. The audience for this album is the pop-rock and adult pop scene. Not the progressive rock scene. It is not a bad album though. It is just not something for me and the quality is a bit poor.

2 points

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