Sunday 11 February 2018

Albion - Broken Hopes (2007)

The fourth album from this Polish band.

Albion was a trio with a lineup of guitars, keyboards and female vocals.
They are helped by a trio of guest musicians providing bass, drums and saxophone.

I was pretty sure I had reviewed their most recent album some years ago and I was right. You can find my review of their 2012 album The Indefinate State Of Matter here. Sadly, nothing has been heard about this band after that year.

I really liked that album and were hoping for more of the same on Broken Hopes.

Broken Hopes gives us solid neo-prog with female vocals.

....... There is a difference here though. Something that sets Albion a bit apart from the rest of the crowd. The difference is the occasional use of saxophone. Albion's music is also laidback and quite lounge music at times. The very good vocals and the laidback guitars and keyboards also gives this album a cool feeling.

This made these listening sessions quite pleasant. The music is not particular taxing on my brain either. The music is a bit short on contents. It still has a lot of details and substance. It is not a brain-ripping album, this fifty minutes long album.

The end result is a good album. I hope we will hear more from this band although I fear they have broken up.

3 points

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